We supply the highest quality, farm-direct wholesale produce to grocery stores, markets and restaurants in the Greater Toronto Area.

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  • Fresh raspberries
  • Fresh sweet corn
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Wholesale Fruits and Vegetables

Wholesale Fruits and Vegetables
We supply the highest quality wholesale fruits and vegetables to grocery stores, produce markets, restaurants, bakeries and catering companies all over the Greater Toronto Area – from downtown Toronto to Vaughan and Richmond Hill, to Barrie, Orillia, Muskoka and everywhere in between. We're HACCPCanada certified and we supply the freshest wholesale produce in southern Ontario.

What We're Saying

What We're Saying
  • Awesome on pasta! This one’s quick and easy. My new recipe for pesto is lemony, fresh and sweet, made with cashews (instead of expensive pine nuts).

  • This Greek style recipe is so fresh and light it screams summer. This is the time of year where my garden is producing zucchini faster than my family can consume. Which means it’s time for a zucchini recipe!

  • We love broccoli! “Remember when we roasted broccoli and it was soooo good?” said my husband Dave a couple weeks back. That started the process of me playing with different roasted broccoli techniques and spicing to find my favourite combo. We ate broccoli every night for dinner for almost 2 weeks, ha ha! Funny neither [...]

  • DiLiso’s Fine Foods is now HACCPCanada certified! Over the past few months we took on the task of achieving HACCPCanada certification. As our business grows, we’re meeting more and more food industry retailers and business owners. Many of them are HACCPCanada certified, and they’re looking to do business with wholesalers and suppliers that have the [...]

  • Stuffing is so delicious. It’s my favourite thing on the Christmas or Thanksgiving dinner table. I could eat a whole plate of just stuffing. Add some cranberry sauce on the side and I’m in heaven! Since becoming a vegetarian I’ve been searching for the best recipe that doesn’t include bird, and after many tries I [...]

  • I think I’ve discovered my new favourite fall vegetable, the sweet potato squash! I first discovered this delicious little beauty at my local organic farmer’s market (Riverdale Farm) and the farmer told me I could eat the skin and all! Well, that was enough to pique my interest, as I love eating the skin on [...]

  • This salad is truly addictive, trust me. There’s something about the crunchy ingredients combined with the rich Asian flavours that makes you want more and more! Another wonderful feature of this salad is that it stands the test of time. You can make it the day before, or have it the next day for leftovers. [...]

  • This entry in our ‘Grow your own beefsteak tomatoes’ series is long overdue, but hopefully you’ve been weeding and watering and keeping things more or less under control. If your plants have gone a little bit wild, there’s still time to stake and prune them and encourage some healthy fruit.

  • Ah the radish… one of the first crops to come up in the garden. So crunchy and fresh, I couldn’t resist creating a slaw. This recipe is simple and delicious! I served it with dinner as a side with white fish and mashed potatoes, but it’s also a great dish to bring to a BBQ [...]

  • Recapping our first team visit to the massively popular monthly food event, the Toronto Underground Market. I meant to write this last Sunday, the day after our visit to the Toronto Underground Market. But then I blinked and a whole week had gone by. We’d been reading a lot about TUM, mostly via Twitter. It [...]

  • Step 2 for growing your own beefsteak tomatoes: Fertilize the ground, add compost or manure, prune and plant ‘em lying down! Pick a spot in your garden and dig out a hole at least a few inches deep. You’re going to be planting much deeper than your seedling sat in the cube tray. Lots of [...]

  • Step 1 for growing your own beefsteak tomatoes: Choose a variety, buy your materials and pick out a sunny spot for planting. Love the beefsteak tomatoes you pick up at the roadside stands and at the farmers’ market every summer?  Ever wished you could grow your own?  Getting started is pretty easy. There’s no shortage [...]

What They're Saying

What They're Saying
  • "Thank you again, it is great to continue doing business with you! It gives Kim and I peace of mind knowing that we're surrounded by people who genuinely care."

    Dewey Truong – ChocoCrepe @ 620 Queen Street West, Toronto

  • "DiLiso’s Fine Foods has been my produce supplier almost since I opened my doors. This team is a great part of my success providing consistent, high quality produce and service."

    Tiziana Cannella – Edible Arrangements @ Tuscany Place, Vaughan Mills

  • "We have used DiLiso's since we opened in 2006. They are friendly, reliable and have always met our high standards for fruit... and they provide excellent service."

    Tony Presutti and Josie Raponi - Edible Arrangements @ 20 Broadleaf Avenue, Whitby