Deep roots in the local farming industry and the Ontario Food Terminal.

DiLiso’s Fine Foods Ltd. was founded in 2003, primarily supplying premium wholesale fruits and vegetables to grocery stores in Muskoka. The business quickly expanded and now supplies wholesale produce as well as other specialty items to markets, restaurants, chefs, caterering companies and other food service establishments all over the GTA. The company’s founder, John DiLiso, has extensive experience in produce procurement and maintains strong relationships with Ontario farmers and other produce suppliers through the Ontario Food Terminal.

Silver Stream Farms

Silver Stream Farms, 1995

John’s experience began at Silver Stream Farms, a large-scale farm in Richmond Hill. At Silver Stream, John learned farming techniques including ploughing, cultivating, planting, fertilizing, weeding, harvesting and winter pruning. He helped tend to a variety of crops including strawberries, raspberries, peas, tomatoes, melons, sweet corn, pumpkins and a massive apple orchard. He also managed the farm market, selling the farm’s produce as well as buying from other local farmers. This experience resulted in a deep appreciation for high quality produce.

In the late 90s, the owners of Silver Stream opened a high-end grocery store in Port Sandfield, between Lake Rosseau and Lake Joseph, catering to a highly demanding clientele of regular and seasonal Muskoka residents. John acted as the Produce Manager in Port Sandfield and Produce Buyer at the Ontario Food Terminal, providing customers with fresh produce year round, both local and from abroad.

Building on his experience with Silver Stream in Richmond Hill and Port Sandfield, John opened DiLiso’s Fine Foods Ltd., continuing to supply Silver Stream and many other clients throughout the GTA and Muskoka. He expanded his product offering from local fruits and vegetables to worldwide produce and other specialty items, providing year-round fresh food.