I see Dewey fairly regularly, delivering produce for his crepe creations. And I usually enjoy a latte or an apple cider while we chat about business ideas and reminisce about the ‘old days’ when he owned an Edible Arrangements store. But I hadn’t been back for lunch in quite a while and he suggested that I bring the family back sometime soon. So, a couple of weeks ago, I jumped on a PA Day opportunity and packed the whole team into the truck and headed for lunch at Chococrepe.

The decor had changed quite a bit since the last time we were there as a family. Dewey’s wife Kim had done most of the interior design herself. While my wife and Kim talked about all of the new additions, the kids helped me unload the day’s delivery.

I had my usual latte and the Chipotle Chicken Crepe. Chicken breast, fresh arugola, mozzarella and chipotle mayo – wow! It was awesome! My better half had the Mushroom Delight and hot tea, and the kids had cider and shared a Berry Banana Crepe – strawberries and bananas, topped with white and dark chocolate. Off the dessert menu, of course. And they ate the entire thing! (Check out the menu.) If you knew my little picky eaters, you’d see that as a huge milestone! Dewey even gave them some chocolate samples for dessert, on top of their first dessert!

Thanks Dewey and Kim! We all had a great time and the kids love you guys. Now I’m waiting for the next PA Day.