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Step 2 for growing your own beefsteak tomatoes: Fertilize the ground, add compost or manure, prune and plant ’em lying down! Pick a spot in your garden and dig out a hole at least a few inches deep. You’re going to be planting much deeper than your seedling sat in the cube tray. Lots of […]

Step 1 for growing your own beefsteak tomatoes: Choose a variety, buy your materials and pick out a sunny spot for planting. Love the beefsteak tomatoes you pick up at the roadside stands and at the farmers’ market every summer?  Ever wished you could grow your own?  Getting started is pretty easy. There’s no shortage […]

Asparagus Pasta Salad with Lemon & Dill Here’s a different and delicious take on pasta salad. It captures the essence of spring by using fresh, local Ontario ingredients to deliver a dish that’s light, fresh and crisp!

Start by picking bunches with tightly closed tips. Avoid bunches with hard, white bottom ends because they’ve been out of water or stored for too long. If you don’t have time to hunt down the absolute freshest stuff, you can trim the ends with a knife and place the bunches standing in water once you […]

We wouldn’t normally blog about an overdone topic like the health benefits of raspberries and other fruit, but this ketone hype is compelling. There was an article in the Toronto Star today titled Weight loss “miracle” supplement: Dr. Oz extols virtues of raspberry ketone. It talked about the mad rush to health food stores following […]

Attention pizza lovers! This pizza recipe is going to blow your minds! The combination of interesting ingredients makes it a winner. Give it a try and let me know what you think. This will make about 3 ten-inch round pizzas. Although, mine never end up being round, they come out more rectangular. It’s the flavour […]

UPDATE: In May 2015, Erin launched her Toronto-based Dirty Girl Urban Gardening Webseries. Subscribe and watch episodes on the Dirty Girl YouTube channel, and follow Erin on Twitter @DirtyGirlWeb. We are absolutely thrilled to welcome Erin Spencer as our contributing recipe blogger! She is the founder of Erin’s Food Ideas, which features her own culinary […]

I see Dewey fairly regularly, delivering produce for his crepe creations. And I usually enjoy a latte or an apple cider while we chat about business ideas and reminisce about the ‘old days’ when he owned an Edible Arrangements store. But I hadn’t been back for lunch in quite a while and he suggested that […]

After 9 years in operation, we’re finally online! The subject of a website has come up a number of times over the past few years. We’ve wanted one for a long time, but not knowing where to start and always being busy with the business, it kept getting pushed to the back burner. Then, this […]