After 9 years in operation, we’re finally online!

The subject of a website has come up a number of times over the past few years. We’ve wanted one for a long time, but not knowing where to start and always being busy with the business, it kept getting pushed to the back burner. Then, this past January, we were chatting with clients Dewey and Kim Truong who’d recently sold their Edible Arrangements business and opened a really nice crêpe shop on Queen West called Chococrêpe. They were starting down the road to online with a website and a social media presence. The discussion was a reminder that we really needed to start thinking about a website again. Wouldn’t it be nice to get one up and running before the Ontario produce season started?

Hockey pool meetings can be productive

A casual discussion during our Mid-Season General Managers’ Meeting with my hockey pool buddies started the ball rolling. It was a Friday night, January 27th. The meeting was being hosted at Real Sports Bar & Grill on York Street, and my trade talks turned into a web presence conversation with a long-time friend of mine, Colin Purcell. He does web content strategy stuff (content development, copy writing, social strategy, SEO). He was telling me about a web design project he was working on, and he thought that DiLiso’s Fine Foods might benefit from from a similar approach. It sounded like a logical, non-traditional marketing plan and I’m an open-minded guy. So I jumped on the opportunity and just over one month later… we’re online!

If you’re not already looking at the site on your iPhone, iPad or BlackBerry, give it a try!

Our website is responsive!

We’re super-pleased with the results! The site is modern and easy to navigate, it gives us an opportunity to blog and it’s pulling from our Twitter feed, we can share our testimonials and we can manage our own content. It’s been a learning experience, that’s for sure. Colin walked me through the whole process, from logo design to optimized content to good social strategy, we’re even thinking about starting quarterly e-newsletter.

My favourite part though… the website was built using a “responsive” design technique. That didn’t mean anything to me a few weeks ago! Basically the website adapts to screen size and reorganizes the content so it displays nicely on all types of mobile devices. If you’re not already looking at the site on your iPhone, iPad or BlackBerry, give it a try! Very cool! There’s no easier way for me to explain it.

So we’re looking forward to sharing knowledge and fun stuff through blog entries and tweets. And we have plans to grow the site to provide more information on produce and other specialty items.

Please, send us your feedback. And follow us on Twitter @DiLisosFineFood.